A BID to increase the prison sentence of a Bradford man involved in the kidnapping of a teenager has failed.

In August Emmanual Sherriff was jailed for five years and one month after pleading guilty to kidnap, robbery and four counts of fraud in relation to the terrifying incident that began in Bradford city centre.

The 18-year-old victim had a bag forced over his head in the early hours of February 5 last year.

He was “sandwiched” into the back of the S3 car by a group of men and driven to locations in Bradford and Halifax.

Repeated demands for money were made by one of the kidnappers and the teen was robbed of his wallet with a total of £6,100 taken from his bank accounts.

A challenge was made calling for the sentence to be reviewed under a scheme for sentences believed to be too lenient.

But the Attorney General’s Office has decided not to refer Sherriff’s sentence to the Court of Appeal – meaning it will stay the same.

Sherriff, 26, of Etna Street, Great Horton, Bradford, was said to have a leading role at the start of the incident as he arranged the kidnap after believing the victim was in a relationship with a girlfriend of his.