IT is 50 years since Wigan Casino hosted its first all-nighter, establishing the Northern Soul movement.

Bradford had a thriving scene too. In his book Not Just Northern Soul, Robert Brown recalls: "It’s Saturday November 4, 1978. I’ve got my Oxford bags with 40-in bottoms on, Polyvelt shoes, cap-sleeved T-shirt and a Harrington. We hop on the last 640 bus - 14-year-olds going to their first all nighter. At Queens Hall, we’re in the queue and can hear Surprise Party For Baby booming out. There’s a good 50 people in front of us. Will we pass for 18-year-olds? Finally get to the front and pay the 10 bob in.

Wow, the music! I’ve only heard it on tape recorder before. The floor is vibrating, we’re mesmerised. The DJ puts Friday Night on then Compared To What, I feel like I’m floating. We stick it out til 6am then head off for the first bus back. The beginning of a lifetime love affair with Northern Soul.”

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