The fire service in West Yorkshire has issued a warning about the risks of lithium-ion batteries. 

Lithium-ion batteries are lightweight, rechargeable batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries are often found in devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, e-cigarettes, hearing aids, portable chargers, power tools, electric bikes and scooters. 

But the number of fires caused by lithium-ion batteries has increased in recent years.

These batteries can cause fires that quickly spread and prove difficult to put out.

The fire risks can be reduced in a number of ways - including buying branded, genuine products, charging devices on a flat, solid, and stable surface, and not leaving items continuously on charge after the charge cycle is complete. 

Sharing its advice, West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service said: "Charge the device on a flat, solid, and stable surface, such as a kitchen worktop. Never leave your mobile phone charging under your pillow.

"Never cover chargers or charging devices – that includes using your laptop power lead in bed.

"Protect batteries against being damaged – that’s crushed, punctured, or immersed in water. 

"Never charge lithium batteries when you are sleeping, or if you are leaving the home.

"Never charge lithium batteries on your escape route. If possible, charge and store them away from your living areas.

"If the device has not been used for quite some time, be extra careful when you charge it – lithium batteries don’t like being discharged to a very low voltage."