A NURSE at Calderdale Royal Hospital is being threatened with legal action over parking, as she claims she has been forced to abandon her car due to a lack of parking space in order to get to her shifts on time.

The nurse, who is from Huddersfield, explained that parking problems at the hospital, in Halifax, have long been an issue but have ramped up since the beginning of the year.

She said: “When I work a late shift, I have no chance in the world of finding a space to park. Sometimes you have to abandon your car to get to your shift on time.

“I do have a permit with the trust but on occasions when I’m unable to get a parking place I have parked the car in disabled or on double yellow – I always inform the front desk at car parking and when I finish shift or go to move it I have a ticket on my car.

“It’s so bad now that I’m getting letters from the bailiffs threatening to take me to court.

“I have not paid any of the tickets and I have written to the form numerous times to explain the above and I get nothing back from them.

“I have asked for help from the car parking attendants and all I get is ‘tell your trust’.”

The nurse explained that the parking permit costs around £20 each month but doesn’t guarantee a space in the car park. She said she has received four parking tickets to date and that she is not the only member of staff at the hospital struggling with this issue. Due to this, she said that supervisors “don’t have a choice but to sympathise”.

Hospital bosses pointed out that the Trust is not responsible for issuing parking fines, but said an appeals process was available.

A spokesperson for Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust said: “I can confirm that the Trust is not responsible for issuing parking fines. Permit parking at the Trust does not guarantee a space, and fines may be issued where cars have been parked inappropriately. There is also an appeals process in place.”