A NEW local charity has been set up to support those most in need across Bradford.

Kinder To is a group of volunteers who gather and distribute donations of food, clothing and toys to benefit struggling people and their families.

Those behind the charitable organisation decided to take action earlier this year after hearing about the rising number of local people struggling amid the cost-of-living crisis.

A spokesperson for the organisation said: “We were hearing a lot about how people are really struggling and not having enough money to feed their children or pay their bills.

“A few of us got together and decided we wanted do something for the community and for local people who are just struggling at the moment.”

She added that they are independently funded, receiving donations from members of the community and local businesses, as well as donations of items from kind-hearted firms and individuals.

As a result, they are able to pass on donations of food, clothing and toys to some of the most vulnerable people in the district. In addition, a referral is not required, so they can respond to help people quickly – no questions asked.

The spokesperson added that they are currently working with organisations such as JKN Outreach, Homeless not Hopeless, and BIASAN which supports refugees and asylum seekers.

They are also in talks with Family Action in order to offer more support than ever before.

“It’s partnership working – we pass things on to one another to help both our audience and theirs.

“Our volunteers work remotely throughout Bradford, collecting the items that are donated from their local community.

“Then we go through the requests and see what we have and how we can help – we just take it from there.”

She added: “We have been mainly handing out clothing and food, but recently we have started to get requests as its coming up to the Christmas period. We are getting requests for toys for children who would otherwise have next to nothing to open up on Christmas Day.”

Kinder To urgently needs dry, tinned and long-life foods as well as new toys that are suitable as Christmas gifts.

The spokesperson added: “It’s really shocking – the level of deprivation – but people are really struggling at the moment.”

To help or receive support, contact the charity on info@kinderto.co.uk or visit the organisation’s Facebook page on facebook.com/kindertouk.