LATEST NEWS: The city centre routes closed for roadworks and their impact on buses

THE major roadworks being carried out in central Bradford are set to enter another very significant phase - with a Traffic Order affecting no fewer than 12 city centre streets coming into force.

Bradford Council has released details of an Experimental Order that will see at least five road closures, a change of direction brought in on one of the city centre's one-way systems, and the removal of another one-way system.

It all forms part of the latest stage of the £43.5 million transformation of the city centre.

The Council, in partnership with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, said the latest Road Traffic Order supports the Bradford City Centre Walking and Cycling Improvements Scheme which aims to reshape Bradford city centre by improving walking and cycling routes, removing traffic from some roads, and introducing new green outdoor spaces for people to enjoy.

The Council is promoting this Experimental Order to provide:

• Proposed road closures on Currer Street, Vicar Lane, West Street, Sharpe Street and Little Horton Lane

• Proposed change of direction of the one-way system on Great Cross Street, Westgate/Kirkgate and Dale Street

• Proposed removal of the existing one-way systems on George Street and Vicar Lane to create two-way travel

• Proposed one-way systems on Sunbridge Road and Kirkgate

Cllr Alex Ross Shaw said: “These alterations add to the ongoing transformation of the city centre, the biggest change to the layout in a generation.

"They are important to the scheme as they allow us to continue to make the roads safer for all road users whilst preserving or improving the amenities of the area through which the roads run.

"The Bradford City Centre Walking and Cycling Improvements Scheme will strengthen and future-proof our proud and vibrant district.”

As part of the wider scheme,  a new Bradford Interchange entrance is being created, along with a new public transport corridor. 

The scale of the regeneration works is already causing significant delays and disruption for journeys to and from the city centre.

The Council and its construction partner, Balfour Beatty, are introducing traffic measures to keep drivers moving.

Drivers have been urged to plan ahead, travel outside peak times where possible, take the bus or car share, and avoid blocking yellow box junctions.

The works so far have prompted a mixed response among T&A readers, with some complaining about the level of disruption and others looking forward to the revised city centre.


On the T&A Facebook page, Ann Quantrill said: "People will moan if you do something and moan if you don’t - they can’t help themselves. Negative people who are never happy, the road out is not too far."

Sahra Ali said: "Usually I'm the first to agree to uplifting bradford and the state parts are in. But with an economic crisis worst we've seen and under funding of mental healthy charities and young people counselling especially, it would be better if you fund other essential areas. or perhaps help families who are struggling to feed themselves and their children and elderly. That's more needed right now than to uplift a part of Bradford."

Mohammad Yaqoob said: "I am very optimistic about the development, private investment and Bradford City of Culture will be an attraction for so many reasons across the Nation and around the world. Bradford Council get on with the excellent work you do and prepared Bradford for 2025."

But Simon Edwards said: "Great! All these new pedestrianised areas mean more spaces for the drug/alcohol dependant to hang around and beg in because that's the only increase in footfall you see in an otherwise deprived city centre these days."

Jackie Cunningham pointed out that redesigns of the city centre's layout were nothing new.

She said: "Seem to remember this happening numerous times before and none ever produce better results."

Jason Clough said: "So all the buses that go to Manningham and Shipley will have to go all the way around the Broadway centre to get to Manor Row!!! More pollution instead of less. Who's brilliant idea was this?"