SIR DAVID Attenborough’s inspirational message about the urgent need to address climate change has been set to music by Skipton children’s songwriter and author Brian Beresford.

A group of children from Whalley CE Primary School, Lancashire, was given the honour of recording the song, This is the Moment (Life on Earth) which is available free for all schools and children.

During the project the children discussed climate change and the words used in the song, including, ‘There is a moment when we can change the world and make it better: this is the moment’.

They also learnt about the recording process, including the way instruments have been mixed with their voices to produce a performance.

Formerly a Craven teacher and headteacher, Brian said that he wanted to help children to understand the climate emergency, and to share Sir David’s inspiration with those singing and hearing the song.

He said, “I hope the song reaches a wide audience that can also be inspired by Sir David’s message.”

The song can be found on YouTube channel, by searching for ‘This is the Moment (Life on Earth)’.

No-one will make financial gain from production of the song, which is a gift to all children.