BRADFORD clinicians will raise awareness of prostate cancer at a popular festival after figures reveal Yorkshire has the worst rate in England for men diagnosed with the disease too late to be cured.

The national audit figures show that 20.1 per-cent of men in the North East and Yorkshire region are diagnosed too late compared with 12.5 per-cent in London, the lowest rate.

The region also has one of the worst rates in the UK, second only to Scotland's rate of 35 per-cent.

As a result, urologists at Bradford Royal Infirmary are taking a proactive approach to raise awareness of the disease.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Chidi Molokwu, consultant urologist and clinical lead for urology at BRIChidi Molokwu, consultant urologist and clinical lead for urology at BRI (Image: UGC)

Consultant urologist and clinical lead for Urology, Chidi Molokwu, explained the Urology team’s first ‘roadshow’ would take place during the Saltaire Festival on Saturday, September 16.

He said: “We have been thinking about going into the community to spread awareness about prostate cancer for some time and we’re now pleased to hold an information stall at the festival.

“When you look at the figures for Yorkshire, it’s concerning they are the highest in England and you have to ask why. Why do so many Yorkshiremen present too late with prostate cancer that can’t be cured? Prostate cancer is very curable when caught early; it has about a 98 to 100 per-cent cure rate.”

The information stall will be located at the United Reformed Church, Victoria Road, Saltaire, on Saturday, September 16, from 10am to 4pm.