OPINIONS about using self-service tills at supermarkets vary widely, as T&A readers shared their views.

In the wake of Kat Oakenshield hitting out at Five Lane Ends Morrisons over her experience with self-serve tills, T&A readers took to Facebook to voice their opinions on the issue.

While some readers like the convenience and speed of self-service tills, others prefer going to manned checkouts to be served by and to speak with a cashier. They also feel this keeps people in a job.

One reader, Anna Regan, said: "I don't use them anymore. I've gone back to queuing and being served by a human and you know what, it's soooo much better.

"Just think it's only a few minutes of my time, it's keeping people like me in a job and I usually walk away with a smile cos I've had a friendly chat with the cashier plus I am not working for free! Win-win in my book."

Renee Hudson said: "Hate them with a passion. Human beings serving better every time."

Catherine Hannam said: "You cannot beat the personal service at the till. You unload, they scan and you pack, then you pay all done whilst chatting to the till operator.

"Self-service means you are working for the supermarket, what next, stacking the shelves and unloading the lorries?"

Tina Dennison echoed that opinion saying: "Absolute nightmare. Get the tills back on and pay someone a wage instead of expecting customers to be unpaid cashiers, it’s more about profit than convenience."

Karen Emmott added: "Ok for a couple of things but do not agree with them for a full shop. I'm not getting a discount for serving myself!"

However, self-service tills also had a lot of support from T&A readers.

Sid Ambler said: "Scan and go is the future."

Abigail Mercer said: "Hate talking to checkout staff, so I prefer them - though self-scan while you're shopping is even easier (and you can't mess up and spend too much either)."

Sarah McNaughton had a similar view saying: "Unpopular opinion but I love the self-checkouts! Even better are the scan-as-you-shop ones!"

Anthony Ford added: "Love self-checkouts means I don't have to stand near mouth breathers and I can check out my shopping in peace. No waiting, just scan, pay and leave. Bliss."

Some readers felt self-service tills are not as quick due for a number of reasons.

David Pedley said: "Don't mind using them but normally have one staff member on them and they are usually busy with other customers or chatting to colleagues so take ages to get through."

Tracy Harding added: "I don’t mind using them but repurpose more staff to help with self-service tills that require override/basket issues/security tabs/general issues!!!!!!

"Sometimes it's quicker to queue lol."