A BRADFORD district quarry has been used to film a dramatic scene of the popular British soap Emmerdale.

The scene for the ITV show was shot last week at Thomas Crompton Buck Park Quarry, on Whalley Lane, Denholme.

It is anticipated the scene, which national newspapers have hinted is expected to involve a car plummeting over the edge of a cliff, will air in October. 

"They filmed some very dramatic shots and scenes," said Thomas Crompton, director of the quarry. 

"It will be very interesting to watch it on TV."

Mr Crompton said that the ITV crew was very secretive and did not reveal anything about the storyline or the scenes they were filming.

"They didn't say anything to us," he said. 

However, several national newspapers have reported that the scene will involve three characters - Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland), Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) and Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) - who are involved in a love triangle in the popular ITV series. 

"I can't wait to see that episode of Emmerdale," said Mr Crompton. "I'm not a lover of soaps or watching TV but I will make an exception to watch that episode.

Mr Crompton said that the film crew had been at the quarry for more than two weeks but were due to leave yesterday (Tuesday).

"There was a lot of preparation work that they put in for the filming," he added.

"They had to get all of the equipment in and make it safe for the actors.

"I've been working with them behind the scenes to make it safe.

"I was pleased they picked this particular quarry.

"The location had everything to meet their needs.

"They had a look at a few of our quarries and they picked that one because it was the best one for them.

"It was a pleasure working with them."

Mr Crompton also spoke about how pleased he was that Emmerdale chose to film in the Bradford district.

"It's good that they used a local location. It's a local soap and it's great they filmed in the area.

"The Bradford district has got a lot of culture and some good landscapes to be used for filming.

"Although the quarry itself is a dangerous place, there are some good locations in the Bradford district to film."

Mr Crompton said the Buck Park Quarry has been at the Whalley Lane site for well in excess of 100 years and is used for extraction of sandstone, mainly for use in the building trade.