YET more flights in and out of Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) have been cancelled this afternoon, with one service due to set off more than eight hours late.

A UK air traffic control failure on Monday has caused widespread disruption to the plans of holidaymakers.

By Monday afternoon, 232 flights departing UK airports had been cancelled and 271 arriving flights, according to aviation analytics firm Cirium.

The issue was reportedly resolved yesterday but multiple airlines warned of further delays over the following days due to changes to schedules. 

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Transport minister Mark Harper ruled out a cyber-attack having caused the technical fault.

There were severe delays at LBA, in Yeadon on Monday and that bled into this morning as well, with a number of flights either cancelled or scheduled for a later take-off time.

That has continued into this afternoon.

A Jet2 flight that was due to set off at 7.20am was scheduled to take off at 3.30pm today.

Meanwhile, two further services from the Leeds-based airline operator have been impacted, with the 2.10pm to Jersey and 3.15pm to Malaga both cancelled.

It was better news for those on the Ryanair flight to Alicante, which set off after a slight delay at 2.32pm, instead of 2.05pm.

The Jet2 flights into LBA from Split, Thessaloniki, Arrecife, Jersey and Heraklion remain the only ones cancelled at the time of writing.

But others have been severely delayed.

This includes the Ryanair service coming in from Faro (which was due to land at 1.15pm but is now expected to touch ground six hours late, at 7.15pm) and the TUI flight from Palma (due in at 1.50pm but now expected at 3.20pm).

One service - the Jet2 plane heading over from Malaga - actually landed early, hitting the runway at 2.02pm rather than its scheduled time of 2.15pm, as did the firm's flight from Mahon (coming in at 2.51pm instead of 3.15pm).

Jet2's 2.20pm service from Arrecife landed at 2.29pm.

Here are the other arrivals that are currently expected at a later scheduled time:

  • 2.20pm, Nice, Jet2 - Expected at 4.30pm
  • 2.35pm, Reus, Jet2 - Expected at 4pm
  • 3.35pm, Corfu, Jet2 - Expected at 3.40pm
  • 3.35pm, Faro, Jet2 - Expected at 4.33pm
  • 6pm, Belfast International, Easyjet - Expected at 7.25pm
  • 7.05pm, Dublin, Aer Lingus - Expected at 7.40pm 

Here are the flights with earlier arrival times than scheduled:

  • 3.45pm, Fuerteventura, Jet2 - Expected at 3.23pm
  • 3.55pm, Gdansk, Ryanair - Expected at 3.43pm
  • 4.15pm, Tenerife South, Jet2 - Expected at 3.55pm
  • 5.30pm, Faro, Jet2 - Expected at 5.24pm