Leeds Bradford Airport has shared an insight into the weirdest items they’ve seen come through security.

From a pig’s head to a suitcase full of sweets, the cabin baggage screens have captured some interesting sights over the years. 

In a video shared on TikTok, LBA’s host asked the airport’s security team about the strangest discoveries they've made.

One security officer said there’s “a lot of weird things everyday” while others recalled seeing bags full of bananas.

One traveller tried to take bacon to spain because they can’t buy British bacon at their destination.

One worker said: “A suitcase full of pork pies going back to Ireland - village where the chap was going, he can’t get hold of pork pies. Pork pies are a staple diet of a Yorkshire man.”

“A suitcase full of Mars bars,” another security officer said.

“They don’t buy Mars bars where they were flying to.”

Another officer said: “A pig's head - it was frozen and they wanted it taken on board.”

One animal lover tried to sneak her pet dog through the scanners. 

“A bag comes through the X-ray and on the screen you see an entire dog,” one security officer said.

“Some of these people are taking their pets for a better holiday than I ever went on as a kid.”