POLICE have issued a warning for people not to enter abandoned buildings, saying they are "extremely dangerous with hidden hazards".

The warning comes after Batley and Spen Neighbourhood Policing Team officers have recently been called to a number of incidents where young people have entered abandoned buildings.

A spokesperson for Batley and Spen NPT said: "These buildings can be extremely dangerous places with hidden hazards where a young person could end up being seriously injured or trapped."

Officers attended two incidents at the old Batley Hospital and Heckmondwike Market.

PCSO Dyson said said: “Abandoned buildings may look like a great place to mess about for young people, but there is a significant risk to anyone who enters premises of this nature.

“Fortunately, on these occasions no one was hurt, however, there have been tragic incidents over the years in West Yorkshire where people have been seriously injured.

“We did speak to several young people who had been in an abandoned building and advised them how dangerous they can be."