While washing your hair is a task we all have to do, it’s nice to change the products we use every now and then.

So, when Aldi released its Olaplex, Gisou and Philip Kingsley haircare dupes, I knew I had to give them a go.

The supermarket is known for creating dupes from alcohol to candles and so next time you’re looking to buy something new, it’s worth checking them out for the cheaper alternative.

Aldi launches dupes of haircare products, including Olaplex

Aldi’s health and beauty brand, Lacura, launched the products with prices starting at £3.49.

The range, called Bonded, became available in stores on Sunday, July 23 and customers can buy it while stocks last.

New products in the range are the Purple Toning Shampoo and Moisture Mask while the Pre-Wash Treatment has returned.

Also available is the Honey Infused Hair Oil and the Bounce Back Hair Treatment.

I gave these products a go and I’m glad I did – here’s what I thought.

What I thought about the Aldi haircare dupes

Lacura Honey Infused Hair Oil – 50ml (£4.99)

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Lacura Honey Infused Hair Oil Lacura Honey Infused Hair Oil (Image: Newsquest)

Having never used hair oil before, I was curious to see what it would feel like in my hair and if I’d notice a difference after using it.

The first thing I noticed was that it comes in a bottle with a pipette and after I opened the lid, all I could think about was the smell – it was so refreshing.

The smell transferred to my hair as I applied a few drops to the middle/ends and it instantly softened my hair as I combed it through.

I’m glad I tried the hair oil as it’s easy to add to any hair care routine since you don’t need to rinse it off – it’s a leave-in product.

The only criticism I have is that although the bottle recommends 1-3 drops, I think these drops should be generous as little drops weren’t enough for the length of my hair.

It would be helpful if it was listed on the bottle but having said that, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that you might need more as you start applying it.

The hair oil is a dupe of the Gisou Honey-Infused Hair Oil which retails at £35 for 50ml.

Aldi says it is designed to help tame frizz and flyaways while locking in the hair's moisture.

Lacura Bonded Pre-Wash Hair Treatment – 100ml (£3.99)

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Lacura Bonded Pre-Wash Hair TreatmentLacura Bonded Pre-Wash Hair Treatment (Image: Newsquest)

Having never used a pre-wash treatment on my hair before I wondered what all the fuss was about but having given it a go, I understand now.

When I woke up I wet my hair so it was damp and applied the treatment to all of my hair, combing it through as evenly as I could.

Aldi recommends leaving it in your hair for 10 minutes so I set a timer and went about my day.

Not only was the treatment easy to apply, it also didn’t irritate or bother me while it worked its magic – ideal if you want to get something done while it’s in your hair.

Again, the smell of this treatment was really nice and added to the good experience.

This item is the dupe of the Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector which is available to buy for £28 in a 100ml bottle.

Aldi says this product is recommended for use on damaged hair.

Lacura Bonded Moisture Mask – 100ml (£3.49)

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Lacura Bonded Moisture MaskLacura Bonded Moisture Mask (Image: Newsquest)

Applying the moisture mask was easy and it smelled really nice.

It needs to be left in for 10 minutes and my hair felt moisturised and soft after using it.

My only criticism for this product was that it felt a little oily when applying it to my hair.

However, I do feel like it did its job and I’ll be using it again in the future.

This item is the dupe of the Olaplex No.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask which retails at £28 for 100ml.

Aldi says this product is recommended for use on damaged-looking hair.

Lacura Bounce Back Treatment – 150ml (£4.99)

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Lacura Bounce Back TreatmentLacura Bounce Back Treatment (Image: Newsquest)

This treatment felt thicker and a bit heavier than the other products when applying it to my hair but it applied well.

I left this in my hair for 20 minutes as instructed and my hair was really soft when rinsing it out.

This item is the dupe of the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Intensive Treatment which you can buy for £36 (100ml).

Aldi says this product is recommended for use on dull hair.

Lacura Bonded Purple Shampoo - 250ml (£3.99)

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Lacura Bonded Purple ShampooLacura Bonded Purple Shampoo (Image: Newsquest)

Lacura Bonded Purple Shampoo is also available in the range at Aldi but since I’m a brunette, I gave this one a miss.

It’s available for £3.99 for a 250ml bottle and it’s a dupe for the Olaplex No.4 Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo which retails at £28 for 250ml.

Aldi says this product is recommended for use on lighted, blonde and grey hair.

Overall, I really enjoyed giving these products a go and I loved the refreshing smell of each of them, especially as it transferred to my hair.

I think this range is a really good option if you’re thinking of experimenting with your hair without breaking the bank.

My hair took well to the new products and I think it thanks me for giving it the extra pamper.

A downside to the range is that most of the products have to be applied to damp hair rather than dry so this adds a little bit of time to the routine but I don’t think this should put you off.

I’d recommend the Lacura range to people who are looking to change up their hair care routine.