A BRADFORD cat rescue shelter worker has spoken out about some horror stories of animals brought in and issued a desperate appeal for help after spending more than £100,000 on veterinary bills last year.

"I've never known a year quite like this," said Brenda Satterley, who has run Allerton Cat Rescue from her home for 60 years. "The things we're having to deal with are unbelievable. It's a nightmare.

"The other day we had to rescue cats that were being stoned by children on the streets of Bradford.

"We also had five one-year-old Ragdoll cats brought to us recently. They were abandoned under the bushes in Manningham Park. Some nice men had heard them crying.

"There are so many pregnant cats at the moment," she added. "We're swamped with animals. We're at it morning until night."

Her daughter, Tracie Satterley, who helps at Allerton Cat Rescue, made a desperate appeal for donations.

"We spent £142,000 on vets' bills last year. We're also running out of food.

"We need help. It's awful."

To find out more about Allerton Cat Rescue and to donate, allertoncatrescue.co.uk