The holiday season is officially here and many of us are, if not already on holiday (lucky you), then looking forward to getting away for a few days or weeks.

The holiday period is a special time at Britannia Care for a number of reasons; it allows for more time for visiting families, especially younger members, now that school’s is out for summer, who otherwise might only be able to visit at weekends.

And as well as family and friends visiting the Girlington-base care home, Britannia residents can enjoy regular summer excursion themselves.

Yorkshire has so much to offer all year round, but these summer months are the best, with both the countryside and the coast now at their best.

Britannia Care has a well-deserved reputation for ensuring that residents fully experience and benefit from outside activities during the summer months.

The benefits of outdoor activities to both physical and mental health is now well documented and well understood, and with so many amazing places on Britannia Care’s doorstep, for the care facility’s founder and company director, Mr Choudhry Inayat Khan, making full use of the Yorkshire countryside makes perfect sense.

“Yorkshire is at its best this time of year ,” said  Mr Choudhry Inayat Khan, who established Britannia Care over 33 years ago, “so when the sun shines, we think that it is important that we provide our residents with the options to enjoy the great outdoors.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The beach at FileyThe beach at Filey (Image: Getty)

“Trips to Scarborough and nearby Filey are always popular with our residents, as are visits to the Dales. We are so lucky that we have all this on our doorstep and can offer our residents access to such marvellous countryside.”

As close by as Filey and the Dales are, not all residents are able to make those bus journeys, but nobody at Britannia Care misses out on the day trips, and this is where Bradford’s great parks, like the award-winning Lister Park, come into their own.

Mr Choudhry’s son and fellow director, Anis Khan, said: “Visiting local parks, gardens and landmarks are always popular with our residents.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Britannia Care has built a proud reputation for caring for residents from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds.

“At Britannia Care we ensure that all religious occasions are acknowledged and appropriately marked and celebrated,” added Anis. “Each year we celebrate Passover and Vaisakhi, Diwali and Chanukah, too. More recently we celebrated Eid.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Britannia Care residents exploring some local landmarksBritannia Care residents exploring some local landmarks (Image: Getty Images)

Britannia Care is a purpose-built care home, designed and fully equipped to look after the needs of the people they care for – corridors and doors are wide, enabling the smooth passage of those who use a wheelchair or other supportive aids. There is lift access to all floors – again, designed to accommodate wheelchairs and supportive aids used by the residents.

The Britannia Care’s multilingual staff have a long history of providing care to the area’s multicultural community, with 30 years of experience, knowledge and understanding in providing expert care to a diverse clientele.

If you need to speak to Britannia Care about a loved one’s personal care plan or just find out more about Britannia Care, please contact the manager, Nina Butor, on: 01274 494 847.