Skincare comes with plenty of top tips and tricks, from cleansing your skin twice to trying new products that promise to clear your skin up.

With thousands of tips being offered across social media platforms from the likes of Twitter and TikTok, you can get advice from all over the world at a touch of a button.

However, not all skincare advice should be taken with high expectations as some can be harmful and hurt your skin.

Including this one very big mistake that millions do without realising the impact it can do on a person's skin.

As many do not know that you should never dry your face with a towel.

Expert warns to never dry your face with a towel

Although millions do it, experts are now warning that you should avoid drying your face with a towel as you could be exposing yourself to infections.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

With it is reported that towels are a natural breeding ground for bacteria meaning you open yourself for bugs like E.coli can be found in your towel.

It comes as aesthetic therapist from Skin and Sanctuary, Fatma Gunduz told The Sun just how damaging towels can be to your skin.

Sharing: “These bugs can transfer to your skin and potentially cause breakouts or infections.”

Adding that it's not just the harmful bacteria that can create issues as the texture of towels can also hurt your skin.

As the rubbing nature to dry to face is rough and could create serious damage to the skin.

As Gunduz shared: “Rubbing vigorously with one of those could even cause micro-tears in the skin and so long-term damage.”

Instead, you should pat your face dry with a clean and soft towel or use a microfiber towel that offers a more gentle texture.