With summer well and truly here, so is the bright sun and the heat and if you’re anything think like me, that means the start of sun protection.

As someone with fair skin, although I love the sun and catching a nice tan, I have a very thin line from tan to burn.

That’s why my summer starts with hunting down the best SPF protection, from suncream, scalp protection and face moisture, I have it all.

But with every new summer comes a brand new spf product that promises to be the best and latest innovative item to keep you safe.

This summer’s new exciting addition is the Garnier Over Makeup Super UV suncream spray.

This product lets you wear suncream over a full face of makeup, letting you look glam without getting burnt.

I’ve always struggled to wear makeup in summer with the lack of suncream, that’s why I thought the Garnier spray would be my saving grace and gave it a go.

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I tried Garnier’s Over Makeup Super UV suncream spray

At £12 a bottle, the spray sun cream is lightweight and small enough to fit in any bag when out and about.

Taking the product whilst out exploring on one of the hottest days of the year so far, the spray fitted perfectly into my crossbody bag and when I felt like it was time for some SPF, it was there to save the day.

Offering 50 spf protection, you can’t get any higher and it even covers UVB, and UVA and has the extra benefit of hyaluronic acid.

The spray itself doesn’t feel sticky at all and has a very lightweight touch, plus it also has the added benefit of doubling up as a cooling spray.

So, if you are a regular user of cooling spray in the summer months, the Garnier spray could give you the best of both worlds by saving you some extra money whilst giving you some needed protection.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The bottle is small enough to fit in small bags for on the go.The bottle is small enough to fit in small bags for on the go. (Image: Newsquest)

Although the can is a packable size and the spray also cools you down, I did have some doubts about the value for the money.

With a price tag of £12, it sits at around the middle ground for the cost of suncream, with the average bottle of lotion costing £8 whilst a spray costs £6.

So, whilst it does cost below £20, I do think that you could get a similar product that offers much of the same for less.

No doubt a rival beauty brand will create its own over-makeup spray inspired by Garnier but offer it for a fraction of the price.

That being said, the non-greasy spf does seem to do everything on the tin, after wearing it for a full day my skin didn’t feel at all burnt and my makeup wasn’t affected at all.