MOHAMMED Javed’s garden is much-admired.

Passers-by often comment on the display of colour in the pots he fills with summer blooms.

“It’s a relatively small garden and is the one in the street that really comes alive,” he says. “It blossoms with colour and amazing flowers that make passers-by take a peek and smile. I love it.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Mohammed's garden is much-admiredMohammed's garden is much-admired

The Bradford garden is also a magnet for wildlife.

“I see butterflies and ladybirds coming into my garden - they are a beautiful sight and I wish they would stay for longer,” he says.

Mohammed, who lives with his wife and four daughters, loves how his garden changes throughout summer.

“At the moment I have pink and yellow roses that blossom well - I bought these for a mere one pound each some years ago and still they bloom each year.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Roses are a particular favouriteRoses are a particular favourite

His particular favourites include petunias and French mixed marigolds.

“These are gorgeous flowers and have never disappointed me,” he says.

Mohammed has been gardening for many years. “I have enjoyed gardening for more than a decade. It’s a casual hobby of mine that keeps me engaged with nature. Each summer it’s a new, fun and exciting challenge that I get excited about.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Mohammed is proud of his gardenMohammed is proud of his garden

“I enjoy gardening because its fulfilling, engaging and rewarding to see hard work being paid off.”

He shops around for flowers. “I buy them from different places for example Morrisons and Tong Garden Centre,” he says.

“I decorate my garden with things like ladybirds and windmills and colour-changing solar lights just to add a bit more fun.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Mohammed loves buying garden accessoriesMohammed loves buying garden accessories

“I really enjoy shopping for things for the garden including flowers and decorative items.”

To create such a lovely garden also demands preparation before the growing season, says Mohammed.

“I enjoy the nitty gritty work of gardening, for example taking out last year’s pots, cleaning them, composting some plants and laying out my plants in the front garden. This takes me a good few hours each year ahead of the summer season and I soon reap the rewards of my efforts.

“Watering daily and weeding out dead flowers is also necessary to keep flowers growing well.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Pansies add colourPansies add colour

Well-known as a relaxing pastime, gardening also has health benefits, says Mohammed.

“I enjoy nature in general and would highly recommend gardening to anybody whatever your age and passion.”

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