Kate Garraway has issued an update on her husband Derek Draper's after he was readmitted to hospital shortly after her MBE ceremony.

The Good Morning Britain presenter, 56, revealed that Draper - who still needs 24-hour care after suffering major organ damage - had to go back into hospital shortly after her big day.

The broadcaster was recognised in the 2022 New Year Honours list for her services to broadcasting, journalism, and charity.

Garraway was joined by her partner - who is fighting the aftereffects of COVID-19 - for the presentation by Prince William at Windsor Castle on June 28.

Kate Garraway shares Derek Draper health update on Instagram

In a post on Instagram, she wrote: "Well what a week, that started with Derek in hospital and ended with Derek in hospital, but with this extraordinary day in the middle."

She added of the ceremony: "I am so incredibly moved and humbled by the whole experience.

"So many of you have sent so many lovely messages, including the lady who stopped her car a few minutes ago outside our house to say 'I know what you’re going through, and I know how much that moment meant and I am a nurse.'

"It was so wonderful to see Derek’s determination to be there. So kind of the Prince of Wales, to make it special for him and to recognise the work of Jake our incredible carer, who represents all those who make Derek’s daily life possible.

"And of course my long-suffering mum and dad. It was also so humbling to meet all the others, much more deserving than myself, who were there to receive their honours.

"The Prince of Wales managed to make every single one of them feel as special as they are."

The broadcaster continued by explaining that Derek would be returning to hospital once again on Monday, July 3 but she remains thrilled he was able to be there for her special moment.

She added: "Tomorrow Derek is back in hospital and of course the daily struggles go on - but the fact that he was able to be part of Wednesday is to be treasured and I can’t thank everyone in the NHS and all around him who love him for making it possible ... "

Garraway has previously shared her experience with her husband's health condition in a chat with ITV News revealing Derek burst into tears when he locked eyes with the Prince of Wales.

She said: "He [Prince William] was lovely, and he said he was very pleased to give it to me.

"He asked me how Derek is, and I said that he's here and then they looked at each other and Derek burst into tears.

"Derek's been very emotional all day today, saying 'I'm so proud'. It's a lovely thing."