A BRADFORD man has been sentenced after "flying off the handle" and threatening another man outside a meat wholesaler.

His Honour Judge Colin Burn gave Harim Mohammed, 38, of Nicholas Close, Lidget Green, a suspended seven-month prison sentence over the incident, which unfolded outside Majestic Meat, on York Street, Fairweather Green, on September 21, 2022.

Judge Burn warned Mohammed, who had worked at Majestic Meat for 10 years, about the danger of him "flying off the handle" in a situation that could have seen his victim, and others watching the incident, injured by the knife.

Judge Burn said: "The rather unusual circumstances saw you threatening another with a butcher's knife outside Majestic Meat.

"All others working there are accustomed to using knives, so I need to impress upon you the real seriousness of using a tool like this outside the facility."

He said he threatened the other man with it.

"You brought the blade down vertically in a forward slashing motion six or seven times a half metre from the nearest person to you," Judge Burn said. 

"The seriousness of this was the immediate risk of injury if someone was unwise to move forwards. Fortunately, in that respect, there was not.

"This incident didn't cause a high level of fear. Those standing back were interested."

The judge said that, in his judgment, there was not a serious risk of disorder, but someone could have been hurt.

"There was no risk of serious disorder and there was not a high level of fear, so I take that into account when sentencing you," Judge Burn added. 

"But you previously had a conviction for possession of an offensive weapon.

"This passes the custody threshold, though not immediate, and you will be dealt with at the bottom end of the scale."

The judge initially sentenced Mohammed to nine months imprisonment with a 15 per cent reduction because of his guilty plea at the first opportunity.

Judge Burn reduced the sentence to seven months in prison, which was suspended for 18 months.

Mohammed was also sentenced to 180 hours of community work and ordered to pay a court surcharge.

The judge also sentenced Mohammed to 20 rehabilitation activity days, which include anger management sessions.

Judge Burn added: "It's very important that you don't fly off the handle in the way that you did here."