For the majority of June we have been enjoying exceptional summer weather – and long may it last!

Like the rest of the country, staff and residents at Britannia Care have been basking in the sunny, warm weather, too. The summer months allow for a different focus at the Girlington-based residential home. There’s a change in pace, which brings great benefit to the residents - with those in Britannia’s care able to make the most of, and reap the benefits of, being outdoors.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The gardens at Britannia Care are a great space to relax The gardens at Britannia Care are a great space to relax (Image: Britannia Care)

Being able to enjoy outdoor activities lifts everyone’s spirits, and recent reports indicates that the feelgood factor derived from able to spend more time outside, especially in close proximity to nature, has a strong scientific base.

Britannia Care has a well-deserved reputation for ensuring that residents fully experience and benefit from outside activities during the summer months.

They provide an extensive programme of events, with excursions to the beach and local parks and gardens.

The gardens at the residential care home are particularly popular, with residents exercising their green fingers and ensuring that the gardens are always looking their best.

“Gardening or just being in the garden is very therapeutic ,” said  Mr Choudhry Inayat Khan, who established Britannia Care over 33 years ago, “so when the sun shines, we think that it is important that we provide our residents with the options to enjoy the great outdoors.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Summer fun while the sun shinesSummer fun while the sun shines (Image: Britannia Care)

"Many of our residents were keen gardeners before needing our care services, so I am particularly pleased that we can offer the gardens at Britannia Care so that they can continue to enjoy their hobby.”

As well as maintaining the gardens, this is also a great space to enjoy another traditional summer social occasion – a barbecue, and the Britannia Care barbecue and garden parties are always popular.

Mr Choudhry’s son and fellow director, Anis Khan, said: “As well as visiting local parks, gardens and landmarks, probably our most popular excursion is the classic trip to the seaside.

“In previous years we have visited Scarborough, this year we have planned a day trip to Blackpool.”

Britannia Care has built a proud reputation for caring for residents from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Outdoor activities are very popular at Britannia CareOutdoor activities are very popular at Britannia Care (Image: Britannia Care)

“At Britannia Care we ensure that all religious occasions are acknowledged and appropriately marked and celebrated,” added Anis. “Each year we celebrate Passover and Vaisakhi, Diwali and Chanukah, too. Currently, we are planning and looking forward to celebrating Eid.”

Britannia Care is a purpose-built care home, designed and fully equipped to look after the needs of the people they care for – corridors and doors are wide, enabling the smooth passage of those who use a wheelchair or other supportive aids. There is lift access to all floors – again, designed to accommodate wheelchairs and supportive aids used by the residents.

The Britannia Care’s multilingual staff have a long history of providing care to the area’s multicultural community, with 30 years of experience, knowledge and understanding in providing expert care to a diverse clientele.

If you need to speak to Britannia Care about a loved one’s personal care plan or just find out more about Britannia Care, please contact the manager, Nina Butor, on: 01274 494 847.