AN AIR of sophistication and subtle elegance runs throughout the Genesis GV70.

It’s certainly a good looking machine, with a stylish interior to match, while the potent performance of this electrified version seems effortless.

Yet it’s somehow wrong to use the word effortless in the context of this luxurious car, as effort is clearly something that’s been expended in copious amounts to create such a characterful and charming mid-size SUV, with attention to detail clearly in evidence.

Viewed from the front, it’s hard not to smile at the gorgeous indented crease that runs down the centre of the bonnet and perfectly mirrors the shape of the Genesis badge.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The handsome GV70 electric is pictured in the Yorkshire sunshine

The grille is imposing and distinctive, although it’s there more for visual effect on electrified models, with a black and silver criss-cross effect adequately imitating a conventional grille.

Hidden within that mesh effect is the electric charge point. You certainly wouldn’t spot it if you didn’t know it was there as it’s so well disguised.

Roof rails and other silver detailing around the windows add a muscular dimension, while the angular rear end sweeps down in a stylish way, with an overhanging spoiler adding extra visual impact.

The dual motors on this fully electrified version supply a combined 483bhp.

With a 0-62mph time of 4.8 seconds, the GV70 is quick off the mark and - unlike some electric rivals - doesn’t run out of steam when you get to around the 50mph mark. Instead, performance remains strong and you always feel that the car has more power in reserve should you need a quick burst.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The GV70 electric catches the Bradford sunshine

There’s a ‘boost’ button on the steering wheel that opens up 10 seconds of additional power, bringing the sprint to 62mph down to 4.2 seconds.

A button to the driver’s left allows you to choose between Eco, Comfort and Sport modes, while the same button is also your friend if you encounter adverse driving conditions - offering Snow, Mud and Sand options for tricky terrain.

Soft touch materials are very much to the fore in the cabin. In my test car, dark leather with silver stitching was the prevailing theme across the seats, door inlays and the dash.

Two rotary dials can be found to the driver’s left, one to select drive and the other to control the infotainment system.

The eight-way electronically adjustable seats offer as much comfort as you could wish for, making longer journeys especially relaxing.

Combined with the absence of engine noise, it makes for a very tranquil experience in the cabin.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The handsome GV70 electric is pictured in the Yorkshire sunshine

Storage space is good, with deep door pockets, two central cup holders and an excellent space beneath the central armrest.

The large wide screen that sits atop the dash offers the usual range of options, such as your current EV status, map, navigation, radio, media and phone.

Scroll further to the right and you’ll find a plethora of features, including Genesis Connected Services, which can give you a wealth of information, including a calendar, that day’s football fixtures and vehicle diagnostics information.

An official 283 miles of range is available, although you might want to plan for between 225 and 250 miles in real world driving conditions.

Charging from 10-80% takes just 18 minutes on a 350kW charger, while you’ll get to the same level from a 50kW charger in an hour and a quarter.

In conclusion, the GV70 might just have the looks, performance and opulence to tempt some buyers away from more established high-end rivals such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes. You’d certainly struggle to find a more well-rounded electrified luxury mid-size SUV.

The Lowdown 

Genesis GV70 – 180kW 

RANGE: 283 miles (combined)
POWER: 483bhp 
TORQUE: 350Nm 
0-62MPH: 4.2 seconds with boost and top speed of 146mph 
TRANSMISSION: Auto, dual-motor AWD
PRICE: Starting from £64,405