Organisers behind the 20th annual Saltaire Festival can serve alcohol, a licensing panel has decided.

Saltaire Festival applied for a premises licence to sell alcohol and provide outdoor entertainment at Roberts Park. 

The annual event has brought thousands of people to the World Heritage site since its inception.

There will be a huge programme of events for 2023 - but the main weekend of Saltaire Festival will be held over the weekend of September 16 and 17.

Covering Monday to Sunday, the application asked for the supply of alcohol between 10am and 10pm; film showings between 10am and 11.30pm, and music between 9.30am and 10pm.

There was one objection to the plan over the lack of notices, risks of alcohol being served to under 18s and festival-goers relieving themselves behind bushes. 

The objector was not present at the meeting.

But Ian Andrews-Swailes, Saltaire Festival chairman, said there will be more than enough portaloos for attendees. 

Mr Andrews-Swailes added gold command teams - including support from Bradford Council - will be on hand throughout the day. 

“We love Bradford, we love Saltaire, we’ll do anything to make it work and make it shine for us all,” the chairman said.

“We do it for nothing, we do it for a labour of love.”

Following deliberations, the panel approved the application.