A street food vendor who hopes people will "drink like the French" will be allowed to serve alcohol during limited times.

Eric Poli, who ran popular Saltaire bistro The Terrace for 14 years, was granted a licence for his mobile eatery Saltaire Belle on Queens Road.

The businessman serves up American style burgers, 'dirty fries', and sandwiches next to colourful sheds and seating.

Mr Poli applied to serve alcoholic beverages between 4pm and 9.30pm, the licensing panel heard at City Hall.

It comes after some residents raised concerns about anti-social behaviour, the lack of toilets, and access to a public footpath.

Responding to concerns, Mr Poli said customers have access to toilets in the nearby Tallulah's Wine Bar.

The panel heard Bradford Council’s health and safety department had advised, due to the business’ mobile nature, he is not legally required to offer WCs.

Many customers have brought their own alcohol onto the premises after visiting the nearby supermarket.

“99 per cent of my customers are local residents,” he said.

“There’s a lot of bars and restaurants in the area. 

“I’ve been open for two months and for the last two months nobody has asked me for a toilet. 

“If I can sell alcohol I will have more control of it all.

“I’m wanting to sell small bottles. I’m not talking 20 pints sitting in the shed with a bag of chips.

“I just want a little bit of alcohol the French way with your burger, that’s pretty much it.”

Councillor Anna Watson (Green Party, Shipley), who made representations on behalf of residents, said: “People are very supportive of what Eric’s done with the land, even Shipley Town Council.

“We had various concerns about the lack of toilet facilities. People can go across to Tallulah’s, it’s across the main road, the Bradford Bingley Road, it’s a busy road. They said they have seen people urinating in the bush and at the back of the houses.

"I’m not saying that’s related but people have concerns about people urinating near them. There’s a right of way, one takes their young children there.”

The chair of the panel, Cllr Malcolm Slater (Labour, Keighley East) said people have the option to leave the street via Queens Road. 

Cllr Watson said the snicket behind the houses is seen as a safer route for young children. 

Following deliberations, Cllr Slater said: “The panel grants the application as applied for.”

He said the public can ask for a review of the licence if concerns are raised.