A Bradford teenager has shared his dream of becoming a jack of all trades after homeschooling changed his life.

Jayden Green has tried his hand at anything from carpentry to clay crafts since leaving mainstream education almost eight years ago.

Entrepreneur Jayden, 13, receives hundreds of orders through his online shop, Little Hands That Craft.

His array of handmade gifts and decorations take pride of place in homes across Bradford district.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Jayden pictured whilst crafting a wooden planterJayden pictured whilst crafting a wooden planter (Image: Newsquest, Mike Simmonds)

The Bingley family initially faced scepticism when they announced plans to take Jayden out of school due to his additional needs.

Jayden’s progress has amazed not just family and friends, but himself. 

“I just like seeing it coming along,” said the young tradesman. 

“I like it a lot, just being outside, being able to build stuff for people, seeing the happiness on people’s faces when they’ve got things they want.

“When I walk down the street one of my neighbours have it on the wall and if you look in next door’s neighbour’s garden they have something of mine. It’s just good to see my work somewhere.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: These are just some of Jayden's creationsThese are just some of Jayden's creations (Image: Newsquest, Mike Simmonds)

“It gives me confidence and happiness. It makes me feel good.”

Jayden fell in love with carpentry when his parents gave him a tool box for his 10th birthday.

In a matter of minutes, he crafted a wooden Christmas tree topped with a star and fairy lights.

“I said, that would be a lovely Christmas decoration,” mum Gemma Green recalled.

“I said I’d post it on Facebook and see if we got any interest. Within an hour he had about 60 orders for these trees. I remember messaging his dad saying, ‘This Christmas tree has gone absolutely crazy’. That was the start of it.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Jayden's first ever creation, seen left, and Jayden at work now, pictured rightJayden's first ever creation, seen left, and Jayden at work now, pictured right (Image: Newsquest, Mike Simmonds)

“His brain was ticking away at what else he could make.

“Whatever he asks we get the things and he has a go. 

“He was just struggling in primary school. It was something that was a constant daily battle and struggle.

"It got to the point he was spending more time at home than managing to get him into school because he was so stressed. 

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: A clock crafted by JaydenA clock crafted by Jayden (Image: Newsquest, Mike Simmonds)

“I’ve always left Jayden to lead his own education and follow his interests rather than in school sitting down at a table and doing writing, maths. We’ve always incorporated the maths, science and english in. 

“There’s so many home education groups and meet up’s you can get involved in. There’s always the opportunity for Jayden to make new friends. It’s on his terms.

“He’s outgoing, bubbly, he’s still very nervous when it comes to talking to people but he’s got a lot of friends now.”

In a message to others, Jayden said: “Just keep going and never give up, even if you’re struggling.”