Planners have agreed that demolishing derelict garages would “aid the reduction of anti-social activity”.

Social housing provider Incommunities recently applied for permission to flatten a number of garages off Prospect Walk, a residential area of Windhill.

The plans said the garages were “unused and unusable” and regularly attracted anti-social behaviour and trespassers.

If approved, Incommunities planned to demolish the two blocks of garages this summer.

The demolition work has now been approved by Bradford Council.

Planning officers said: “The depilated buildings within the site currently harm the appearance of the area and attract anti-social behaviour.

“The proposal will remove these unsightly features and aid the reduction of anti-social activity on this site.”

A condition of the demolition is that the site of the former garages will be turned into a meadow area, although the car parking spaces at the centre of the garages will remain.