A BRADFORD road that had been plagued by speeding drivers and fly-tipping has been closed permanently by Bradford Council.

Shay Lane in Heaton had been the subject of an experiment closure order introduced by the Council in October 2020 as part of the Active Travel programme, a national initiative to encourage easier and safer walking and cycling during Covid-19.

That order has now been made permanent.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Shay Lane in Heaton has been closed permanentlyShay Lane in Heaton has been closed permanently (Image: Newsquest)

A spokesperson for Bradford Council said: "The experimental closure order on Shay Lane was reviewed in April 2022 when representations supporting and objecting to the closure were considered.

"It was resolved that the closure was having a positive impact on active travel locally and also reducing the incidence of fly-tipping on Shay Lane and therefore that it should be retained as a permanent arrangement."

Cllr Mohammed Amran (Lab, Heaton) said: "Residents locally really wanted the closure to stop the speeding and fly-tipping. That's why we supported it.

"It's made a massive impact on the area and we've got a positive response.

"Fly-tipping used to be a massive problem on that road. People would throw waste down and disappear because there were no cameras and it's not a residential area."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Concrete blocks stop drivers from accessing the closed area of Shay LaneConcrete blocks stop drivers from accessing the closed area of Shay Lane (Image: Newsquest)

He also said that most complaints about the closure came from people who lived outside the area and used the road as a cut-through.

Heaton resident Khaqan Mirza this week spoke to the T&A about increased traffic on Toller Grove due to roadworks on Toller Lane and he noted knock- the on effect the Shay Lane closure had on traffic in the community.

He said: "This, coupled with the fact that Shay Lane inexplicably remains closed has made what was a lovely quiet residential area, a hazard.

"Historically, a lot of people would take Shay Lane through this area.

"They closed it during Covid, but have given no thoughts post-Covid about traffic volume and where it would all go.

"I've been living here 28 years and when they closed Shay Lane we've been getting more traffic pushing through here."

When the road was initially shut in October 2020, one Shay Lane resident said at the time "the closure will extend my car journey into Bradford by several miles and 15 to 20 minutes".

At the time, a Bradford Council spokesperson said: "Shay Lane has been recognised as a popular walking and cycling area that is often blighted by the volume and speed of through traffic."

In December 2021, another Heaton resident called for Shay Lane to be re-opened.

He said: "You shouldn't cut people off in an area just to help people to walk.

"It's ridiculous adding to your journey time when you don't need to.

"People talked about it being used as a rat run, but it's a road and people should be able to use it."