POLICE have stepped up patrols in one area of Bradford in an effort to curb nuisance off-road bikers on residential streets.

Video footage sent to the Telegraph & Argus shows a string of quad bikes and motorbikes being ridden through a neighbourhood in Allerton – something local residents say is a regular weekend occurrence.

One resident, who did not wish to be named described the riders as a “menace”, in the way they drive on the narrow residential roads, and also due to the noise their vehicles make as they ride around in nearby Chellow Dean woods.

The man has been calling on both Bradford Council and West Yorkshire Police to take action against the anti-social behaviour, so welcomed the news of extra patrols.

He also welcomed confirmation that streets, such as Manscombe Road and Wimborne Drive are on a waiting list for traffic calming measures.

He told the T&A: “This is an ongoing issue and has been getting worse – we see quad bikes and dirt bikes riding laps around the streets. Many residents are scared to go out, they worry about being knocked over by these bikes.

“The noise they make means people can’t use their gardens.

“It’s not just Allerton that is being terrorised by people on quad bikes. I’ve heard that the same thing is happening in Wibsey and Shipley.”

He added that he had called for action to prevent these off-road bikes gaining access to the woods through Meadowbank Avenue by a barrier being installed at the entrance.

The Council said it would investigate whether measures could be installed to prevent anti-social access.

Sergeant Tony Imeson of Bradford West Neighbourhood Policing team said that anti-social behaviour involving off road bikes would not be tolerated.

“Work is ongoing with our partners to secure the site, but in the meantime patrols have been stepped up in the area and our colleagues from Operation Steerside regularly carry out operations in the area.

“Using these fields for anti-social behaviour on off road bikes is not acceptable and anyone found to be doing this will be prosecuted and have their bikes seized. We have already seized a number of bikes being used in the area.”

A Bradford Council spokesman said: “Following previous residents’ concerns we have included these streets on the waiting list for enhanced traffic calming measures. Any funding would be subject to future prioritisation as part of the Council’s Safe Roads budget.

“We will investigate the issue around quad bike access to Chellow Dean woods to determine if it would be feasible to install measures to prevent anti-social entry without hindering legitimate access.”

The anti-social use of motor bikes and quads in the area can be reported by contacting the Bradford West NPT team on bradfordwestnt@westyorkshire.police.uk.