REMEMBER the wonderful display of flowers which covered a house along the A65 at Coniston Cold each summer?

They were the stuff of legends and something that never failed to make you smile as you passed by.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Robin Strange waters his plants as son Jonathan does a bit of dead-heading at Coniston Cold

The floral display was the pride and joy of home owners Robin and Anne Strange who created the cacophany of colour every year for going on 30 years.

The displays have been seen by many hundreds of thousands of people over the years who would gasp in awe when they saw it out of their car windows. It became so well known that if you ever wanted to explain to someone where Coniston Cold was you only had to say 'where there is a house covered in flowers each summer' and they would know where you meant instantly.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Jonathan Strange planting up a Swiss carriage

The magnificent display provided a lot of joy for residents and motorists but looking after so many flowers and making sure they were watered daily was a monumental task. The couple eventually hung up their gardening gloves and equipment and the blaze of colour is now a distant memory.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: One of the walls covered in baskets and containers for the flowers

Fortunately we have photographs to remind us what a splendid display it was.