A Bradford cat rescue "on the verge of collapse" has announced it is closed to new admissions. 

Allerton Cat Rescue, founded by Brenda Satterley at her home on Allerton Road, has saved the lives of thousands of abandoned and neglected cats over the years. 

Now faced with care for more than 60 cats, the cat rescue has issued an urgent plea for help.

"If something doesn't change we will have to close the doors, which will have a devastating effect on the cats of Bradford," a spokesperson for the rescue said.

Rescues have been raising the alarm about the city's deepening cat crisis for years. 

The cost of living and pandemic alongside high levels of neglect, cruelty and a lack of neutering are all contributing to the problem. 

In a statement on social media, Allerton Cat Rescue said: "We are sad to say we are closed to admissions on the verge of collapse and closure.

"Our small team of volunteers are failing fast. In the last few days we've had a cat and kittens brought in at midnight, two feral mums who are co-parenting four kittens, one has likely been bitten by a rat and his foot is really swollen. He's now on antibiotics."

The rescue has also taken in three injured cats. 

The spokesperson added: "We urgently need self motivated volunteers to help with the cleaning at the rescue.

"We're having to buy food as we have such a large number of cats that it's reflecting on the vet bill which is spiralling to a worrying level.

"We can't go on like this and if something doesn't change we will have to close the doors which will have a devastating effect on the cats of Bradford.

"People need to neuter their cats."

It comes as a fundraiser has raised more than £5,000 for the cause. 

Set up by family who adopted a cat from Allerton Cat Rescue, the GoFundMe page has attracted huge amounts of support.

Anyone who is willing to volunteer their time for cleaning food or send donations should email allertoncatrescuefundraising@hotmail.co.uk

Allerton Cat Rescue takes donations via PayPal.