Bradford has welcomed five Coronation Day babies into the world today - and more little ones are expected to arrive before midnight. 

All Coronation babies born at Bradford Royal Infirmary (BRI) have been given a special teddy bear, blanket, and hat.

Parents Rina and Niaaz arrived at the hospital on their baby’s due date this Friday. 

Their baby boy, weighing 6.11 lbs, decided to join his family in the early hours of Saturday, May 6.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Baby Zackariya in his dad's armsBaby Zackariya in his dad's arms (Image: Newsquest, Mike Simmonds)

After much deliberation, the couple settled on the name Zackariya - inspired by the times Rina listened to Surah Maryam throughout her pregnancy. 

It was a surprise for their wider family after they chose to keep their baby’s gender secret until his arrival. 

Zackariya will be protected by his two older sisters, Rina said. 

“I feel really proud,” his mum said.

“It feels good that he’s born on a Coronation day. It’s the day that will be remembered by everybody. 

“He was born two hours after his due date. 

“It’s a surprise for the family, we knew the gender, they were eagerly waiting to know the gender.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Mum Tianah has welcomed little Esias - a name meaning "God is salvation” - for the royal occasion. 

He weighs 7.14lbs.

Meanwhile mum Sungus is overjoyed by Juman’s arrival. 

Juman is now happily wrapped up in her crib alongside her special Coronation teddy bear.