A 21-year-old mum from West Yorkshire has spoken of her shock after being diagnosed with Stage 4 lymphoma. 

Michelle Thewlis was left searching for answers after experiencing bouts of chest pains and swollen lymph nodes. 

Michelle, who lives with her partner Jamie and 22-month old son Oakley in Huddersfield, was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma after a trip to A&E. 

Tests revealed the cancer has spread to her liver and bones. 

She is now undergoing six months of intense chemotherapy at Barnsley Hospital. 

“If you think there’s something wrong with your body and you’re getting warning signs, trust your own instinct,” she said.

“That was a big, massive, shock. 

“The prognosis, it’s quite good. It’s 75 per cent.

“It’s made me much happier for the time I have with people, you don’t realise how long you have left.”

Sharing her love for staff at the hospital, she said: “I can’t thank them enough. I’ve never been to a hospital that’s as amazing as this. They knew straight away it was something sinister.” 

Michelle is focused on her recovery and making as many memories as possible with her son.

More than £1,700 has been donated to Michelle’s GoFundMe page so far, where donations will be used towards a family holiday.

To donate to Michelle’s cause, visit bit.ly/3NqBG9W