SIR - My two friends and I arranged to meet up at a local hostelry in the centre of Bradford. We all travel in from different parts of the district and agreed to make use of the extended fixed £2 bus fare.

My bus was the First 614, due at 17.04pm on Hollybank Road, Great Horton, FAILED to turn up.

Another colleague’s bus the First 613, due at 16.59pm at the Stray bus stop, FAILED to turn up. He walked to Five Lane Ends and caught an alternative at 17.25pm.

At the evening's conclusion, our third colleague went to catch the 21.22pm Huddersfield bus, the First 363 from the station. FAILED to turn up. He had to wait a further hour for the next one.

What is the common denominator, all seemingly operated by First Bus operator.

It raises the question are they being held to account for failings, they are being funded to a hefty tune to offer these reduced fares till June 2023. Yet, on one evening, all three of us suffered by this operator.

Will the West Yorkshire Mayor take up the case? She is constantly urging us to use the buses. When we do so, they don’t operate.

The taxi service did well out of us that night, They at least are ever present, and reliable.

Richard Milczanowski, Hollybank Grove, Bradford