A BRADFORD couple were left shaken after a young man suffered racial abuse in Bingley over the weekend.

They were left "disgusted" by the incident and said they will now think twice about going out alone.

The couple a man of mixed Pakistani and English heritage and a white British man, who are both in their 20s were walking through the town centre on Saturday night when a group of men directed abuse at them from outside a pub.

The men began singing what was described as a racist football chant before repeatedly shouting the 'P-word'.

The couple wish to remain anonymous, and the mixed-race man who was targeted who has lived in the area his entire life did not feel comfortable speaking about the incident, so his partner spoke on his behalf.

"It was scary, we were afraid," said his partner, who is originally from the south of England, but now lives in Bingley.

"A group of lads were singing racist football chants it was something like 'this town is full of p***s' and they were pointing at my partner and laughing.

"There were around five of them, but it wasn't all of them. I'd say three were abusive the other lads in the group were trying to get them to shut up, which we appreciated.

"As a white man, I'm not really qualified to say this, but you wouldn't expect to see it.

"It's really shaken us."

The couple, who have been together for three years, called the police and claimed they initially said they would be unable to identify those responsible, but have now told them they are looking at CCTV and investigating.

"I'm hoping this is isolated. I've never seen anything like this happen to someone I'm close to, but I know it happens racism is still a huge problem," the victim's partner said.

"Overall, Bingley is safe. It's not hateful on the whole, it's incredibly accepting.

"But we need to make a fuss about this incident."

The Telegraph & Argus approached West Yorkshire Police for comment.

A spokesperson responded: "Police are investigating after a racist hate crime was recorded after a public order incident on Wellington Street on April 15.

"It happened at around 10.30pm, when racist comments were shouted at the victim walking down the street.

"Enquiries are being carried out, including CCTV.

"Anyone who witnessed this incident is asked to contact police via 101 or use the LiveChat Facility at www.westyorkshire.police.uk/contactus, quoting crime reference number 13230209830."