TWO firms in the Bradford district have collaborated to create a new sausage. 

The Baildon Banger is a brand-new sausage that was launched on Friday and is the brainchild of a deli and butchers.

It was created together by Pickles Delicatessen, in Northgate, Baildon and Binns of Saltaire, in Bingley Road.

Rob Dalewicz, 53, who runs Pickles, said: “We’re launching lots of stuff now, coming out of lockdown.

“All our meat comes from quality ingredients – quality not quantity.

“We wanted to give our customers something different.

“We’ve done our sampling, we’ve done our production, we’ve done our messing around.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Binns of Saltaire, in Bingley RoadBinns of Saltaire, in Bingley Road (Image: Telegraph & Argus)

Kieran Booth, manager at Binns, is excited for the launch of the Baildon Banger.

He said: “It’s good having two local businesses doing something positive together, making a unique sausage, which is good for their point of view.”

A handful of customers have already tried the new banger and so far the response has been positive, according to Mr Dalewicz.

The Baildon Banger is longer than a regular sausage, but Mr Dalewicz reiterated the new concoction’s “flavoursome” nature is its real beauty.

He said: “It’s taking care, not any old ingredients, a proper recipe with herbs and spices.”

Mr Booth said: “It’s a special blend of ingredients that Rob asked us to put into sausages, with a herby approach.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The Baildon Banger sausageThe Baildon Banger sausage (Image: Telegraph & Argus)

“It’s quite a bit longer than a normal sausage as well.”

Mr Dalewicz bought Pickles just before the Covid-19 pandemic led to a number of lockdowns, which forced the businessman to close the shop not long after.

He said: “This is why we’re looking at new things, what a lot of people don’t understand is how devastating that lockdown was in terms of staffing and in terms of production.

“It doesn’t finish after lockdown, because everybody’s changed.”

The 53-year-old wanted to give people a reason to come out for a full English breakfast and decided a new sausage was one way of achieving this.

Mr Dalewicz said: “My experience of having them was you always wanted a quality sausage.”

Meanwhile, Mr Booth believes two companies within the community collaborating can only be a good thing.

He said: “It’s great, you support each other, people like everything local, transport is close.

“It’s a smaller carbon footprint, it’s a lot better for the environment working closer together rather than abroad.”