A MILK tanker driver has been getting hands-on experience to learn more about the product he transports every day.

Andrew Hurt, from Arla Foods UK, spent a day mucking in on a farm at Oxenhope.

The visit was hosted by his friend, dairy farmer Robert Goulding.

Both men are members of the board of representatives at Arla Foods, a global dairy company and co-operative.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

It is owned by around 9,000 dairy farmers, including over 2,000 in Britain.

During his visit, Andrew got a taste of tasks carried out daily by the farmers that he collects milk from – including bedding out and feeding calves, mixing the herd's feed rations, and even milking – and was shown how to drive a tractor.

Andrew said: "As a tanker driver I’ve visited Rob’s farm many times, but I had never actually seen all the work that goes into producing the milk I collect.

"I don’t think many people understand what it takes to be a dairy farmer and just how much work goes into producing the milk that we all enjoy every day.

"Despite travelling many miles collecting and delivering milk up and down the country, working on the farm was hard – but rewarding! I would encourage anyone to consider a career in dairy farming."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Robert shares the desire to see more people entering the industry.

He said: "As a second generation dairy farmer, I think it’s hugely important that we bring more people into food and farming and try to change perceptions about the reality of modern dairy farming.

"I was thrilled when Andrew approached me asking to experience what a ‘normal’ day on a dairy farm is like.

"Of course every day is different, but Andrew was surprised by how technical, science-based and hands-on dairy farming can be."

During the coming months, Arla will be calling on the Government to join with the industry in encouraging more young people in Britain to consider a role within agriculture, and to help them gain the skills needed.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Arla Foods has production facilities in 11 countries globally, plus sales offices in a further 30.

It is the world’s fifth largest dairy company, and the biggest supplier of organic dairy products.

Its workforce totals more than 18,000.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

As well as selling products under its own name, Arla Foods also retails in more than 100 countries using well-known brand names such as Lurpak and Castello.