A BRADFORD man jumped out of a plane to raise thousands of pounds for a cause Hugh Grant has supported in the past.

Mark West, who was born and raised in the city before moving down south, has been fundraising for Depher - which stands for ‘Disability and Elderly Plumbing and Heating Emergency Repair'.

The Burnley business relies heavily on public donations to cover costs and provide its free services for people in need.

Mark has raised over £2,000 following his third skydive which took place last Saturday.
He follows Mr Grant who has been thanked by the company over the years for his many donations.

He said: "This skydive was due to take place last year but it was cancelled three times due to inclement weather and covid.

"Anyone who knows me will know I think it's disgusting in this day in age that families in the UK are living in poverty.

"They (Depher) do so much for vulnerable members of the community nationwide.

"James (Anderson, the company's CEO) won a Pride of Britain award last year (after raising £2 million through an online fundraising for Depher).

"Hugh Grant is also a huge sponsor of Depher, donating tens of thousands of pounds to the cause."