A BRADFORD beggar has been handed a criminal behaviour order (CBO) barring him from an area of the city until early October.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Steven LofthouseSteven Lofthouse (Image: West Yorkshire Police)

Steven Lofthouse, of Bradford, has been made the subject of a criminal behaviour order at Bradford Magistrates' Court. The order states that he must not:

* Ask another person for money or goods (including cigarettes or alcohol) in the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council area, as shown on the attached map, except as part of a contract of employment, legitimate benefit claim, retail purchase or banking transaction.

* Sit, sleep or loiter in an area accessible to members of the public with any item or article which would give another person an impression that he is homeless or begging (such as a cap, hat, quilt, sleeping bag or sign) in the Bradford area.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The Bradford area where Steven Lofthouse is barred from beggingThe Bradford area where Steven Lofthouse is barred from begging (Image: West Yorkshire Police)

* Enter the area of Bradford bordered by Thornton Road, Cemetery Road, Duncombe Road, Ingleby Road, Legrams Lane, Shearbridge Road, Great Horton Road, Horton Park Avenue, Laisteridge Lane, Morley Street, Godwin Street, as shown on the attached map.

This order will expire on October 3, 2023.

If he breaks the terms of the CBO, he risks arrest and may be fined or sent to prison.

If anyone witnesses him breaking any of the terms of the order, they should contact West Yorkshire Police on 101.

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