What are clean air zones?

Clean air zones have been introduced to Bradford since September to improve the quality of air and pollution in areas where it's worst and it's starting to affect peoples health. Bradford is one of seven directed by the government to bring levels of pollution in the air down. Long term exposure to air pollution leads to many illnesses like cardiovascular and respiratory diseases reducing life expectancy.  CAZ has been introduced to many cities and will continue to be introduced.

how has it affected taxi drivers? 

In Bradford, these charges won't apply to motorbikes and passenger cars however taxis and private hire vehicles are excluded. Taxis are charged for non compliant vehicles £7 a day, vans/minibuses that are non compliant is £9 a day, buses and coaches are £50 a day. However it all depends on the emissions of the vehicle. To confirm you can check on the government website.


Recently, Bradford council have announced funding for non compliant taxis, private hire, minibuses and coaches with a whopping £1.1 million of funding. £4 million is being made available to assist upto £10k with purchases, leases of more CAZ compliant cars the applications will start around May.