A SCHOOL in Nigeria has been gifted Bradford Bulls shirts and sports equipment as part of an initiative sponsored by the University of Bradford.

Ibudo Academy, on the outskirts of Lagos, welcomed a team of Bradfordians as its under 12s and under 16s teams showed off their impressive rugby league skills.

They were joined by Bradford Bulls chairman Nigel Wood, who flew out to Nigeria wither Bradford community leader Dr Manoj Joshi DL MBE and city gravedigger and community award winner Graham Swain.

They were also joined by Bradfordian Megha Joshi, who is now a political figure in Lagos.

“It was truly humbling to see so much joy and enthusiasm demonstrated by these young people, for whom life chances are so few and far between,” said Mr Wood.

“The facilities were basic and raw, and the players were barefoot, but the commitment could not have been surpassed.

“Seeing how much joy they took from such a small gift brought a tear to my eye.”

Michael Ogunbiyi, Founder of Ibudo Academy, said: “We would like to thank Nigel and the team from Bradford who took time to support the kids rugby league games as they played alongside five other schools in the Lagos Rugby League Schools League, run by Ibudo Academy.

“Around 120 kids came out during the day and hugely benefited from the occasion. It was a huge step for grassroots rugby in Lagos, which now has 18 schools participating.

“A big thank you to Bradford Bulls as well as the University of Bradford for making it possible.”

The visit allowed the two organisations to come together to provide sponsorship for the school in Lagos. Nigerian alumni also joined the visit and spoke fondly of their time at the University.

Zahir Irani, University of Bradford Deputy Vice-Chancellor, said: “The University of Bradford has a long and proud relationship with Nigeria and is pleased to support grassroots level sports activities through our outreach.”