PEOPLE from across the Bradford district came together tonight to remember those who have died in Ukraine.

A packed crowd was in attendance at Bradford Cathedral, where a prayer vigil was held to mark the one-year anniversary of the Russian invasion.

The Ukrainian Fialka Ladies Choir sang as visitors were invited to light a candle in tribute to those affected by the conflict.

Anna Dreyzer, who is one of around 250 Ukrainian refugees in Bradford, spoke at the event.

“A lot of my friends and relatives are still in Ukraine,” she told the crowd.

“My husband is still in Kyiv – it was very difficult for me and my daughter to leave him there.

“It’s been hard living here, because it’s a different culture, but we’re very grateful to the British people for their help.

“I’m especially grateful to Bradford’s Ukrainian community, and I’ve been very happy to meet such kind people.

“There are around 250 of us here in Bradford, we’re all united and strong, and I think we will bring new things to British culture and inspire people.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Judith Cummins, Labour MP for Bradford South, was also in attendance – having recently visited Ukraine herself.

“I’d never been to a warzone before and the scale of the devastation is something you can only experience when you go and see it – photos and media footage don’t prepare you,” she said.

“I think the resilience of the Ukrainian people is tremendous, as is their bravery and spirit, and although they have invading forces who are hostile to them, they will keep fighting.

“My message to the Ukrainian people is that we will not forget you. Hopefully, Ukraine can be free and people like Anna can get to go home again.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

The Very Reverend Andy Bowerman, Dean of Bradford, also said: “Bradford Cathedral is not just a place for people already living across the district, but it is also for all the people who have made their home here.

“It has been a huge honour and privilege to lead this mission to remind the people of Ukraine who are here, around the country and across the world that they are not forgotten.

“We pray that god brings peace to their nation.”

Also in attendance at the prayer vigil was Lord Mayor of Bradford, Councillor Martin Love, who was also joined by the Right Reverend Toby Howarth, Bishop of Bradford.

Dr Abdul Rahman Mkia, a refugee from Syria, and Asima Terzic, a refugee from Bosnia, were also at the Cathedral to share their thoughts.

Father Jaroslav Riy, of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, and Father Igor, of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, also came to lead prayers.