Cliffhollins Riding School, which was founded in 2008, provides exciting and wonderful opportunities for those interested in participating in extracurricular activities competitively or recreationally. At first, it was opened as a small centre providing only horse riding lessons, but now is one of the largest pony club centre in the area, currently with over 120 members. To add to that, is also a British Horse Society approved centre. It is open four days a week, consisting of Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, while alternating between Saturday and Sunday at 8.30am to 7pm.  

Cliffhollins Riding School is open to those at the starting age of four, who will participate in the half hour beginner sessions and age five, who will take part in the beginner pony club. From then on, anyone could ride to the age of eighty years old in the one-hour sessions or the hacks that are offered.  The price ranges for the lessons consist of half an hour session for beginners for £15, one hour group sessions for £25, and the private sessions are £35 for the total of 45 minutes. The equipment needed for horse riding is as listed: protective headwear (a helmet) which must be up to current standard, gloves, fashionable boots with a flat squared heel or Jodhpur boots. 

Both genders attend the centre, yet it is estimated to be at 65% female and 35% male. It is felt that the male equestrians are more competitively noticed as the majority of the males seem to be more attracted to the competitive side of the sport.  

Throughout the daytime, a ‘changing lives through horse’ programme, which is an alternate provision programme running for those who are disengaged in mainstream education and could achieve an equine or non-equine qualification.  The members could gain a personal qualification development n which is a recognised employable qualification.  

While being questioned, Chelsea Gardner, a representative of Cliffhollins Riding School, stated, “Here at Cliffhollins Riding School, we have lots to offer, which includes BHS qualifications, riding for the disabled, pony club, general lessons starting from beginner to a more competitive riding. Everyone is welcome to attend, and we aim to make everyone feel equal. Here at our centre, we aim to educate others on the importance about the welfare of the equine (horse)!” 

Cliffhollins Riding school takes part in the British Horse Society National riding qualifier, which is held at their centre, which is then followed by their members participating in the championships in Warwickshire. Starting in May, Friday night show jumping evenings will be held, in which participants can hire the clubs’ horses or be able to bring their own horses. 

There are many skills and benefits derived from horse riding, including coordination, flexibility, endurance, balance, an improvement of posture and patience. Additionally, in the pony club, the members develop skills and knowledge around the needs of equine welfare. It is doubtless that a visit to the Cliffhollins Riding School might change your life!