INCOMMUNITIES will go on trial in May, accused of failing to control a rodent “infestation” in one of its properties.

The Shipley-based social housing provider is being taken to court in a private prosecution by a resident of one of its homes on Gracechurch Street, Manningham.

On Thursday morning, a representative of the company appeared at Bradford and Keighley Magistrates' Court, pleading not guilty to one count - a “complaint for an order to abate or prohibit a statutory nuisance.”

The charge added the statutory nuisance was “a considerable presence/infestation of rodents such as mice or rats, such as is prejudicial to health in respect of premises at 20 Gracechurch Street, Bradford.”

The infestation started last March, according to complainant Mrs Riaz.

The court heard that Incommunities would be disputing the claim – meaning it will go to trial.

The one-day trial will take place on May 25.