A SNAPSHOT claiming to show a couple having sex on an ancient monument in York has stirred up a storm on social media.

The Facebook post by delivery driver, Steve Lovley, went up yesterday (February 7) and shows a couple caught in the act on top of a medieval tower roof.

It simply says: "Lovley day out in York today, but as for levelling up, the North is clearly falling to bits..."

It has so far garnered more than 500 comments and a similar amount of shares.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The post on social mediaThe post on social media (Image: Facebook)

Initial thoughts were that the scene was on top of the city's historic Bar Walls.

But, after The Press contacted experts to find out where the image had been taken, it quickly became apparent that it couldn't have been shot in our fair city.

John Chapman, the owner of York Walls tours, said: "It was my Poirot moment and without doubt the highlight of my career so far.

"Although the walls of York we see today are mainly late medieval, the Romans and Vikings who built the original defences were much more liberated sexually than today. The Romans famously said 'Baths, wine and sex might ruin our bodies, but baths, wine and sex make life worth living'.

"However, despite the stone type indicating a location in Northern England, and the tower clearly a 13th century curved design, as we see in York, this particular example is, very sadly, actually Durham tower in the city of Newcastle. However I would urge anyone with queries regarding sexual acts on medieval structures to contact me in the future. We look forward to your call."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: John Chapman, the owner of York Walls toursJohn Chapman, the owner of York Walls tours (Image: York Walls)

And after contacting Steve himself, he admitted that he didn't think it was actually taken in York.

Further examination showed that the image was in fact a still from a video of couple originally taken ten years ago in Newcastle and the picture of their brief encounter went viral on Twitter.

At the time Simon Gallagher, who snapped the romp on Newcastle’s city wall, said: “The bloke looked in every direction without noticing the giant office block overlooking him.”