T&A readers have had their say on the highly-anticipated finale of Happy Valley. 

Sally Wainwright’s hit drama saw Sgt Catherine Cawood's epic battle against Tommy Lee Royce reach its conclusion. 

The gritty police drama returned on New Year’s Day for its final series.

As viewers sat down to watch the explosive last episode, unanswered questions lingered.

As the T&A's own columnist Emma Clayton put it: "Will Tommy and Ryan make it to the Costa for that bungee jump in the sun? Or will there instead be a betrayal, a set-up and a stand-off at Baitings?

"Will Joyce hand over that retirement whip-round, including the spare change, to Sgt Cawood? Will Darius Knezevic keep his hands clean (we already know the man has anti-bac wipes in his designer suit pockets) and head off to Bradford for a political career? I mean, there’s a spin-off series right there.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Undated BBC Handout photo from Happy ValleyUndated BBC Handout photo from Happy Valley (Image: BBC/PA)

"And what of Faisal? Has he got away with murder? Will Clare fall back into old ways? Is Neil all he seems? Will Ann cut the mustard in CID? Will little Poppy take off her coat? And will Todmorden ever have its own alien liaison officer?" 

Featuring a dramatic showdown and a malicious war of words, the finale sparked a mixed reaction among Happy Valley fans in Bradford.

Some viewers branded the final ever episode "disappointing" and "rushed" while others simply said: "brilliant". 

Let's dive into some reviews by Bradford's Happy Valley fan base. 

T&A readers react to the end of Happy Valley 

Shelby Jade Watson said: "Was a disappointing ending to be honest."

Will Conway said: "Although a really good series, I feel it was a little disappointing in places for a finale."

Emily Smith said: "Awful ending. Nothing happened in the first 59 minutes then everything unravelled in the last 10."

Angela Percival said: "I loved it was a fantastic series and they were brilliant at the end."

Courtney Bakes said: "Terrible ending in comparison to the rest of the series...too rushed!"

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Louise Armstead said: "I was late to watching happy valley did a binge watch to catch up to this series. Fabulous acting. Sarah Lancashire, James Norton and Rhys Connah were absolutely brilliant. I hope they win every award going. The only issue I have is they didn’t touch on the pharmacist which should have been addressed, but can’t have everything."

Marcus Lynes said: "I've not touched season 3 until this afternoon and I've just binged it all, another brilliant series, shame it's over."

Carol Roy said: "Brilliant series and great ending,especially the understated comment about the crocheted blanket!"

Jane Lee-Conlon said: "Best think on TV this year been so amazing great ending."

Christopher Cheetham said: "Brilliant series. Brilliant ending."

Steve Robinson said: "One of the most believable series I have seen. A great ending."

Aidan Darby said: "Really disapointed with that got to be worst episode off all three seasons."

Catherine Olliver-Kneafsey said: "Unexpected ending, never saw that coming! Every episode was brilliant, full of tension and so well acted, including the last one, gripping!"

Deborah Jane Wing said: "A good ending to the Catherine and Tommy story line with brilliant acting all round, but we could have done with another episode just to tie up the back stories properly. All my open questions lie with the back stories really and it would have been nice to have seen endings properly with proper conclusions."

Facebook user Sta Cey said: "Really disappointed in the ending, very slow episode and rushed over parts as viewers we wanted to see play out. Sarah Lancashire is superb, could have done with another 20 mins or another episode to tie it all up."

Debbie Julie Spencer said: "Perfect ending."

Jaci Peel said: "It was 85 per cent a good ending - it needed another 20 minutes to tie up the other loose ends…. Bet that will be where the spin off starts."

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