THIS week's angling lines comes with a serious message.

Unsurprisingly, there has been little action on the rivers with the current icy conditions, but the cold snap has led to a warning from Listerhills Angling Association's Edward Harrison.

Delivering this week's angling lines to the T&A, Harrison said: "Owing to the freeze up, there have been few rods out.

"Youngsters should not be allowed on to the ice."

Iced-over lakes, rivers and ponds have long been a danger, but that has not always stopped people from playing or skating on them.

The topic was brought into the national spotlight last month, after a tragic incident involving four little boys in Solihull, near Birmingham, on December 11.

An inquest hearing just over a week later heard that the quartet drowned after falling through the ice of a frozen lake where they were playing on that fateful Sunday.

Three of the boys' deaths were confirmed the following day, while the other passed away in hospital on December 14.