The 1980s were truly a iconic period in our history. From Abba to Rick Astley, 80s music had something for everyone. 80s Live transported the audience back in time to one of the most recognisable eras of music. The live band performed over 20 chart-topping songs from the decade of leg warmers, shoulder pads, and, of course, the quintessential bubble perms!


Over the course of two hours, the singers and musicians got the audience up in the aisles, dancing along to well-known songs that will never go out of fashion. There was certainly something for everybody, with songs like ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ and ‘Tainted Love’. 


The singers engaged with the audience in an interactive manner, encouraging them to belt out the lyrics to their favourite 80s songs with gusto! The audience were bright and bubbly, determined to have fun.


In the interval, the audience flocked to the bar to get a refreshing drink after dancing their socks off. The bright costumes the audience were wearing mirrored those of the performers, with their vivid tutus and makeup! It was apparent to all that everybody was enjoying the show!


One member of the audience, Anna Lolashvili, said how much she enjoyed the show. She gushed, “What an amazing evening! My mum was a teenager in the 80s, and now I understand why she always talks about the fantastic music she grew up with.”


No matter what your age, this show is one to get you up and dancing. It’s just what the doctor ordered to end any gloom - what a marvellous way to begin the festive season!