A BRADFORD community group has called for tougher laws on fireworks after a local MP slammed the Government for a perceived lack of action.

Kashif Ahmed, of Bradford 4 Better, said that fireworks often disturb people late at night, and has called for stronger regulation.

He wants it to be a requirement that people selling fireworks have certificates, and wants to see more data on their use and sale, so the authorities can better hone in on the problem.

He was speaking after Imran Hussain MP wrote to the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, Michael Gove MP, in November to urge the Government to do more.

Kevin Hollinrake, Minister for Enterprise, Markets and Small Business, responded by saying that the Government has “no current plans” to change the law on fireworks, leaving Mr Hussain “deeply disappointed and angered”.

Mr Ahmed said: “Some people in government couldn’t care less, but it’s not affecting them, it’s affecting us.

“It’s not the fireworks themselves, it’s that they are being used outside of the legal hours.

“They’re not safe and, essentially, they’re weapons.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Mr Ahmed offered some potential solutions.

“I think you should only be able to sell them if you’ve passed some form of qualification,” he said.

“My brother is a pharmacist and has to go through five years of studying. If he makes even a small mistake, he gets pulled up on it. I think something similar needs to be done with fireworks.

“There also isn’t enough data. I want to push for more, so we can look at how many people are abusing fireworks and where.”

Mr Ahmed also claimed that there is sometimes confusion when it comes to reporting nuisance fireworks.

“The police say go to the council, and the council say go to the police,” he argued.

“The law must be enhanced and made clearer.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Superintendent Richard Padwell, of Bradford District Police, responded:"West Yorkshire Police works with Bradford Council through the Community Safety Partnership over the anti-social use of fireworks.

“Throughout the Bonfire period we have a joint control room working together should any issues arise.”

A Bradford Council spokesperson added: “We know the anti-social use of fireworks is distressing and frustrating for residents.

"We are doing everything in our power but our powers are limited. We have to work within the laws set by government.

“We will continue to push government to regulate fireworks more rigorously and will work with partners in the police, fire service and trading standards.”