A BRADFORD photographer is working on a new exhibition ‘Women in Uniform’ showcasing underrepresented women who occupy senior roles within their respective fields.

Shy Burhan from Girlington, who has worked as a professional photographer, has noticed the lack of Black, Asian, Hispanic and Arab (BAHA) women who partake in photography whether that be in front of the camera or at audience level.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Safeeyah Adam, Occupational Therapist featured in the exhibition. Picture: Shy BurhanSafeeyah Adam, Occupational Therapist featured in the exhibition. Picture: Shy Burhan (Image: Shy Burhan)

Being an ethnic minority herself, Shy is aware of how little representation there is of BAHA women in senior positions and wanted to raise their profiles.

Shy said: “I had the idea for this before lockdown and I wanted to showcase women of colour in a positive light.

“I want to speak to as many women as possible and take their portraits as part of this exhibition.

“I have a zoom call with each woman, and I really get into their story and the challenges they have overcome to get to where they are.”

The series features women in their uniforms, or civilian clothes and ranges from artists and authors to a planetary scientist, prison workers and actresses.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Lucy Sheen, Actor, writer, filmmaker and advocate. Picture: Shy Burhan Lucy Sheen, Actor, writer, filmmaker and advocate. Picture: Shy Burhan (Image: Shy Burhan)

The exhibition will be showcased on International Women’s Day on March 8, 2023 at the Haworth Art Gallery in Accrington, which has the largest permanent Tiffany glass display outside America.

Shy will be photographing women until February 2023 and hopes to get women from across England to feature in the project.

“I’ve had people messaging me online wanting to be a part of it and I want a national reach with this exhibition.

“People from the other side of the country have come to my studio in Shipley to be pictured.

“I want to take this exhibition on tour and there are endless possibilities with this, I’ve been in talk with venues and obviously we can add more women to it, I’ll probably freshen up the pictures and get some new people on board.

“I’m very excited about this project.”

Shy is passionate about ‘Women in Uniform’ after the setbacks she faced in her career and the issues People of Colour are facing.

“I’m from Girglington.

“I’m a proud Bradford lass with a Pakistani and Muslim background and in my career I’ve been told that I won’t make it out of Bradford and I ignored it.

“You have to persevere and keep working hard to set an example for other young women because nothing’s unreachable.”

For more information and to get in touch with shy to be featured in the exhibition contact her at info@shybphotography.co.uk

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